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Tanya Bio

My journey began when my first son was born via emergency cesarean. When I became pregnant with my second son I found a doula I connected with.  I was informed, knowledgeable and empowered to make decisions for my birth.  Having a doula at my birth gave me a successful vaginal birth after cesarean.  I am so glad I have experienced two ways of giving birth.  It gives me the ability to immediately connect with a cesarean mom and empathize with her experience and her hopes and inspirations for her next birth.

This experience changed me. I never thought this is what my life path would be. I am incredibly passionate about childbirth and empowering women to make informed decisions. Birth is natural and beautiful.  Eliminate the fear surrounding birth and trust in your body.  My primary goal is to create a positive birthing experience for you and your family.  Give yourself the gift of being supported by a doula.

I am undergoing doula certification through Birth Arts International. I am here to be supportive of every decision you make.  We can grab a coffee and see if we connect.  I will be there to support you throughout your pregnancy, during your birth and after. Let’s get together and talk about your birth!

Your birth, your body, your choices, your way!

E-mail: intuitivebirthing11@gmail.com

Website: www.intuitivebirthing.com

Facebook Page: Intuitive Birthing Facebook


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