Erin Shadid-Bio

I currently offer birth and postpartum doula services, professional belly/prenatal henna services, and a line of handcrafted, 100% natural Mama & Baby skincare products for pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.
I believe it is not the way that a woman births that is important, it is instead that she feels supported, loved, knowledgeable, empowered and respected. Her birth experience will be remembered for the rest of her life and will shape how she views herself, her baby and motherhood.
I understood this firsthand when I hired a doula for the birth of my first child. While I was pregnant, I read and watched everything I possibly could about labour and birth, prepared physically and mentally, and envisioned my ideal birth. When the time came, however, all my plans went out the window and my son came according to how he wanted to come. But throughout it all, my husband and I had the support and encouragement of our doula, whose quiet, calm presence and knowledge were a blessing to help us navigate labour and birth, and those early postpartum days.
While I’ve always wanted to pursue birth work, it was only in the past couple of years that circumstances aligned to allow me to take my doula training. I’m currently working towards my doula certification with CAPPA.
We’ve recently moved to Grande Prairie and I’m excited about the change in scenery and the new places to explore.
When I’m not creating creating new skincare recipes or infusing herbs, I can generally be found outdoors cross-country skiing, camping, hiking, biking or canoeing with my family.